Acupuncture needles are stainless steel, usually disposable, and tipped with steel or copper. They vary in length and are so fine that you should not feel discomfort when they are inserted. Needles can be inserted from a few millimeters to up to twelve centimeter or four inches. As acupuncture points are usually close to the bone, the deeper the bone, the further the needle has to go.

The acupuncturist may remove the needle instantly or leave it for up to twenty minutes, sometimes flicking or twirling it. If the needles are inserted correctly it should not be painful, but you may find it uncomfortable. The acupuncturist will also take your pulse at both wrists. There are six pulses in each wrist corresponding to the meridians and they can have up to twenty eight qualities.

The acupuncturist will then ask you to lie comfortably on a couch and he or she will place the needles in certain points along the chosen meridians. The acupuncturist will manipulate the needles and they may be removed immediately or left in for some minutes. There have been reports of skin irritation caused by needles and of bleeding when the needles are withdrawn.

There is some evidence that acupuncture can relieve asthma symptoms and build up defense against allergies. Many practitioners say that they have an eighty percent success rate in clearing up skin conditions such as eczema. Maxim is used to warm up your energy and may be chosen if you are deficient in yang. The technique involves placing a small cone of madwort, sometimes also with a slice of ginger over the acupuncture point. The come is lit and allowed to smolder until the skin is warm. This is repeated several times on the same point.

Acupuncture Needles & Pain Relief

To many of us it would sound a bit oxymoron, but in reality, many people find pain relief through acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment therapy that works miracles for different diseases. According to the Chinese belief, there are energy pathways called Meridians that flow through your body. The moment there is a blockage of their path it results in health related issues. The Chinese insert needles in the areas that need to be treated which influence the energy flow through the Meridians and thus relieves your pain.

Different uses of Acupuncture:

o People usually start the Chinese acupuncture treatment so that they can get relief from pain. Recent research shows positive results for people who were treated through acupuncture for post surgery pain and chemo therapy.

o Acupuncture is helpful in treating patients for rehabilitation for strokes as it helps the patient in relearning the skills that the person has lost due to the effect of stroke.

o Migraines and headaches can also be cured by acupuncture.

o Acupuncture is also very useful for treating patients of Osteoarthritis. In this health issue the cartilage and the tissue breaks down that cushion the joints and recent study also indicates that knee pain can be reduced by acupuncture. It also helps in curing

o Asthma patients and tries to ease the inflammation and coughing. It also helps to reduce chest tightness.

People should always use a professional acupuncturist for the proper treatment. The needles used in the acupuncture treatment should be properly sterilized otherwise it will create many complex health issues.

It is always recommended that you should discus all the relevant details with your doctor before starting the alternate treatment as your doctor really knows what works best for you. Always discuss all the relevant details with your doctor before going for alternate treatment as the doctor knows what works best for your health.

More about the Meridians

The acupuncture points are found on the twelve meridians which are also mentioned in Chinese medical text and are the pathways through which energy and blood flows. And those points that have become stagnant should also be inserted with acupuncture needles to relief them and reduce the pain. All the twelve pathways connect vertically and symmetrically with all the twelve important body organs. The major organs of the body are connected internally and if there is a blockage in one part the other connected organs and body parts are also affected.

Thus you can say that Acupuncture is the perfect treatment method in which thin needles are inserted in specific parts of the body that need to be treated and it aids the body’s pain killing chemicals and also helps to regulate blood pressure.

Buy Natural Acupuncture Needles

Although acupuncture brings benefit to lots of people, what made them hesitant is their fear against needles. There are various responds from different people regarding acupuncture needles.

There are individuals who cannot even bear the sight of those pricking little monsters while some love the sensation.

There are different needling techniques as to all the acupuncture needles are not same. Compared to the shot, the pain associated with it is much less because these needles are smaller, solid, no cutting edge and do not inject anything.

There is a wide range on hand that comes in various types in terms of thickness, length, material and quality.

Much less sensation can be derived from needles that are sharp even at the microscopic level. Easily slide into the body are needles that are silicone coated.

Natural acupuncture needle is one of the types of these needles. These needles are sharp, smooth and clean and are perfect for clinical daily use. Each needle is easy to use and comes with individual guide tube sealed in blister pack.

For individuals who are sensitive or afraid of needles, they are ideal for them.

What can endanger the health of patients is a poor quality needles that are badly designed or constructed.

You should always insist on good quality and natural acupuncture needles as a practitioner since they undergo a stringent quality tests throughout the manufacturing process. In this way, best quality is attained.

They come in various types, they have coiled handles, silicone free, pyrogen free and come with certified quality. These needles vary as per gauge, needle length and diameter.

The gauge ranges from 28-38, the needle length varies from 15mm to 125 mm and the diameter ranges from 0.18 mm to 0.35 mm.

They are affordable in prices and come in good quality needles. These needles have sterile coiled spiral handles and do not have silicone coating.

Most people are not even aware when these needles are inserted while some people get the feeling of warmth, pressure, heaviness, tingling and sensation of movement of energy. Normally, depending on the ailment, they stay in the place for 15-40 minutes.

If performed by an experienced practitioner by using the right technique and right kind of needles, acupuncture can be very relaxing.

Many physicians also prefer Japanese acupuncture needles. Inserted with the help of a guiding tube making insertion painless and quick is the most common filiform needle, which is very thin and sharp.

Importance of Precise Acupuncture Needle Placement

An alternative form of medicine that uses needles which are pierced into the human body is known as acupuncture. It is a treatment use to relieve ailments and maladies that pester people.

In some cases, due to the use of needles, this alternative form of treatment is greeted with trepidation by many.

During acupuncture session, the fact that the acupuncture needle placement needs to be precise on certain body points causes trepidation and hesitation to some individuals not only due to the needles.

Precision is the Key

The essence of acupuncture is the need for the right and precise needle placement. In order to stimulate a positive response in the body, the premise of this alternative form of treatment is to hit the right spots.

There is a need to be accurate because some spots have limited space.

Because of not being able to get the right placement, some patients experience less than desirable effects due to imprecise acupuncture session.

Using the best acupuncture needle does not actually matter; it is the right placement of acupuncture needle that counts. Wrong placement of acupuncture needle may lead to risking of patient’s life and also deadly in some rare cases.

In fact, this one reason that causes fear among first timers who decide to undergo treatment with a person who practices acupuncture.

The Japanese acupuncture and the Chinese acupuncture are the two common forms of this treatment. It is the make up of the needles that differentiate them both. Acupuncture was just recently introduced to Japan while the acupuncture itself originated in China.

Japanese form of acupuncture is more refined or delicate than those of the Chinese due to the fact that the Japanese who usually practice acupuncture are mostly blind.

Although the Japanese tend not to insert the needle too deep compared to Chinese practitioners of acupuncture, the acupuncture needle placement of both cultures is basically the same.

What truly vital for this treatment is the need for precise acupuncture needle placement.

For individuals who wish to learn this alternative form of treatment can attend some schools that teach acupuncture or to experts who can teach the treatment procedure.

Some are fly by night individuals who try to pass themselves off as the real thing but there are really certified and licensed professionals duly accredited by the government.

Since there are many ways to certify if they are legitimate or not, the problem therefore exists with most alternative forms of medicine. Going for an acupuncture session needs care when choosing where. Cheaper does not guarantee that it is safer and better.

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